Dennis Brock

During the summer 2018 Father Andrew of St Mary's Church asked me if I would be willing to paint a picture for a very special person who would be one hundred years old in late November.
As the person was Dennis Brock , who, some years ago, took me up the the bell tower of the church and enabled me to paint the wonderful view over the river towards the rest of Surrey and the North Downs, I said, "Yes, of course".
Father Andrew  asked me to paint an interior of the church because it had always meant so much to Dennis, and he told me that when Dennis was very young he believed that the pink angel on the left of the alter was named Dolly after his Aunt Dorothy.
The pink angel was where I started the rather exacting commission.
It took me a long time and a lot of patience – I had plenty of time and I had to find a lot of patience.
At the service of thanksgiving for Dennis's life I was honoured to be able to present the finished painting to him.

Daphne Clement

Dolly5 2.jpg